Gold Candle Holders

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Looking to elevate your home décor style? Our range of gold candle holders add a luxurious touch that's even more special when lit with candlelight. Find gold tone candle holders in a wide selection of designs and sizes to fit your favourite PartyLite candle. Available in shades of pure gold for a classic look, or discover our rose gold coloured holders for a glamorous feel. Shop all gold candle holders today.

  1. Golden Frond Votive Trio
    Golden Frond Votive Trio
  2. Golden Frond Jar Holder
    Golden Frond Jar Holder
  3. Golden Square Jar Holder
    Golden Square Jar Holder
  4. Pinstripe Glam Hurricane
    Pinstripe Glam Hurricane
  5. Golden Square Votive Pair
    Golden Square Votive Pair
  6. Champagne Glow Candle Sconce
    Champagne Glow Candle Sconce
  7. Golden Chicks Tealight Holder Pair
    Golden Chicks Tealight Holder Pair
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