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Want to take your favorite PartyLite fragrances with you on the go? That's what our collection of Car Air Fresheners are for. These easy-to-use devices provide all-natural, long-lasting fragrance with no liquid to spill when paired with our exclusive car fragrance forms. Simply clip to your car vent, adjust the strength of the fragrance to suit your taste and enjoy! Some of our Car Air Fresheners can also be customized with a range of stylish magnets too to add style as well as scents to your car. Take PartyLite with you wherever you go and shop our Car Air Fresheners and car scents today.

  1. Fig Fatale AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Fig Fatale AromaPure Car Fragrance
  2. Tamboti Woods AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Tamboti Woods AromaPure Car Fragrance
  3. Mulberry AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Mulberry AromaPure Car Fragrance
  4. AromaPure‚™ Car Freshener
    AromaPure‚™ Car Freshener
  5. GoSmart‚™ Mobile Fragrance Holder
    GoSmart‚™ Mobile Fragrance Holder
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