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Looking for quality tealight candles to add delicate points of light to your home? Our tealights are infused with fabulous fragrance and are made with beautifully colored high quality wax. These tealights liquefy completely and come in clear cups to show off their stunning hues. With a burn time of 4-6 hours each, these tealights offer an exquisite scent experience. Available in packs of 12. Try PartyLite Tealight Candles for yourself and browse your favorite fragrances below.


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The dimensions of a PartyLite Universal Tealight® are 1” x 2” (2cm x 4cm). These are our best selling candle types and are a huge favorite of all our community of fragrance lovers! Each of them come in packs of 12, and are made with fully liquefiable wax, which is poured into recyclable plastic cups.
PartyLite sells both scented and unscented candles. Our best selling Universal Tealight Candles are perfect for creating a soft ambience whether they've been infused with our gorgeous fragrance blends or not! Unscented tealights are perfect for settings where you want to enjoy their beautiful glow, but without any aromas. Use them for dinner parties, around little ones or pets with sensitive noses, or for pairing with scented tealights for an extra glow but a lighter fragrance experience. Check out our fragrance intensities here.
  1. Watermelon Universal Tealight® Candles
    Watermelon Universal Tealight® Candles
  2. Summer Love 15-Piece Tealight Sampler
    Summer Love 15-Piece Tealight Sampler
  3. [LP] Fig Fatale Universal Tealight Candles
    [LP] Fig Fatale Universal Tealight Candles
  4. Grape Universal Tealight® Candles
    Grape Universal Tealight® Candles
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