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Wish you could take PartyLite fragrances with you on the go? AromaPure™ by PartyLite is an all-natural and easy way to add freshness to your car. This latest range of car air fresheners is made with paper from sustainable forests and is infused with the PartyLite scents you love. Simply place one in our Car Freshener, clip it onto your car vent and enjoy instant and lasting fragrance for up to 45 days. The Car Freshener also features a slider so you can adjust the fragrance intensity to suit you. Style your AromaPure™ Freshener your way with our air freshener magnets for a personalized fragrance solution.

  1. Fig Fatale AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Fig Fatale AromaPure Car Fragrance
  2. Tamboti Woods AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Tamboti Woods AromaPure Car Fragrance
  3. Mulberry AromaPure Car Fragrance
    Mulberry AromaPure Car Fragrance
  4. AromaPure‚™ Car Freshener
    AromaPure‚™ Car Freshener
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