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Want to naturally eliminate bad smells around the house? The Fresh Home by PartyLite™ collection is made with NEOFRESH® technology to odor-neutralize unwanted scents without any harsh chemicals, and replace them with long-lasting, uplifting home fragrance. Available in an assortment of refreshing scents to suit your taste. Fresh Home is also available in selected PartyLite candle and flameless fragrance forms, so you can enjoy odor-eliminating fragrance in the way that best suits you. Shop the whole Fresh Home collection below.

  1. Cotton Breeze Jar Candle
    Cotton Breeze Jar Candle
  2. Lavender Sandalwood Jar Candle
    Lavender Sandalwood Jar Candle
  3. Perfect Pet Jar Candle
    Perfect Pet Jar Candle
  4. Fresh Home Mini Jar Candles Sampler
    Fresh Home Mini Jar Candles Sampler
  5. Home Fragrance Cotton Breeze SmartBlends
    Home Fragrance Cotton Breeze SmartBlends
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