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Votive Autumn Pack

V06123 Iced Snowberries™ Votive Candles
V06821 Fig Fatale Votive Candles
V061100 Blueberry Tart Votive Candles
V06842E Spiced Pumpkin Votive Candles

Light up little candles that are made for big fragrance in our colored wax, scented votive candles. Use this six-pack of each fragrance with your choice of holder, and let the wax fully liquefy to enjoy the scent of Iced Snowberries™, Fig Fatale, Blueberry Tart, and Spiced Pumpkin. Fig Fatale is an irresistible blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits, and velvety vanilla is deliciously rich. In Iced Snowberries, crisp cranberry, deep pomegranate, and golden apple mingle with fresh-picked peach in a breath of frosted air. Blueberry Tart gives you the welcoming scent of buttery pastry bursting with sweet-tart blueberries drizzled with vanilla and molasses. Spiced Pumpkin evokes the blend of woodland pumpkin sparkles and warming ginger, spicy clove, and fragrant vanilla bean.



Intensity 4
When it’s time to be confident, complex and courageous.
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  • Dimensions
    5 x 4cm each
  • Material
  • Burn time
    8-11 hours
  • Form


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