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Votive Holiday Pack

V061015 Winter Warmth Votive Candles
V061104 Evergreen Fir Votive Candles
V06199E Cinnamon & Bayberry Votive Candles
V062021 Christmas Morning Votive Candles

Light up little candles that are made for big fragrance in our colored wax, scented votive candles. Use this six-pack of each fragrance with your choice of holder, and let the wax fully liquefy to enjoy the scent of Winter Warmth, Evergreen Fir, Cinnamon & Bayberry, and Christmas Morning. Winter Warmth reminds you of a warm blanket of toasted almond and pistachio woven with vanilla caramel. Evergreen Fir gives you the scent of Frasier fir and balsam needles swirled in the frosty air, chased by winter pine and cedar. Enjoy the most powerful scent experience in Cinnamon & Bayberry, where the spicy heat of cinnamon and clove complements bayberry and cedarwood. Awaken Christmas Morning nostalgia with the scent of Fresh evergreen, brown sugar shortbread, and a cozy fire.

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  • Dimensions
    5 x 4cm each
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  • Burn time
    8-11 hours
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